Why IPv6?

For the past few years, everyone has been asking "What is your Cloud strategy?" The time has come to ask "What is your IPv6 strategy?"

Why? It's simple: The Internet has moved to embrace IPv6 but Enterprise Networks have not.

Just look at these two graphs:

Worldwide % of IPv6 Internet Traffic to Google

T-Mobile, % of IPv6 Traffic 

And according to Cisco 6labs, IPv6 adoption in the US is at 49%!

How could this be? Well, rephrasing our answer to "Why IPv6?" slightly: The major companies that comprise the Internet have moved to embrace IPv6 but Enterprise Networks have not. Consider this list of companies that have aggressively deployed IPv6 in their products and services:

-Wireless Carriers: T-Mobile (93%), Verizon (84%), Sprint (70%), AT&T (65%)
-ISPs and Telcos: Comcast (65%), Cox (48%), Charter (31%)
-Content Providers: Google, Facebook (100% IPv6 internally!), LinkedIn
-Mobile Device Manufacturers: Apple, Samsung, Toshiba
-Desktop and Mobile Software: Apple, Windows, Linux, Docker
-Cloud Providers: Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure

Will this trend continue? Most certainly, yes. Cisco predicts that worldwide IPv6 Internet traffic will exceed 50% for the first time in the next few years, officially making IPv4 the legacy protocol on the Internet.

How much of a premium will the above companies begin to charge to maintain IPv4 in their products. How many of them will discontinue IPv4 altogether? (Anyone remember Netware/IPX?). Without IPv6, will you soon be paying more for the luxury of running the legacy protocol IPv4?

Is your online presence and brand at risk from poor performance due to a lack of IPv6-enabled content? Apple and Facebook have consistently reported network performance dividends when using IPv6. With all those mobile devices and end-users using IPv6 today, are your customers experiencing poor website performance to reach your IPv4-only website and content while your competitor’s customers enjoy the fast-lane of IPv6? (As the old quip about successfully running for your life goes: “You don’t have to be the fastest runner, you just have to be slightly faster than the slowest runner!”)

One last but very important detail: IPv6 is already running on your enterprise networks today. After all, it's enabled and preferred by default in all modern operating systems (e.g., desktop/laptop, server, mobile, tablet, etc.). Are you managing it effectively and securely? Does the state of your existing IPv6 practice enable you to answer this question accurately?

To rephrase one final time: The Internet is evolving into first and foremost an IPv6 network – and Enterprise Networks are running the risk of being left behind.

That's where HexaBuild comes in. Our core team of industry-recognized IPv6 experts and published authors offers over 50+ years of real-world IPv6 design and deployment experience.

We have one mission – our career obsession for the last decade, today, and for the years to come: To empower enterprises to keep pace with the rapid pace of global IPv6 adoption.

We accomplish this mission by offering the services we've identified (through years of real-world enterprise IPv6 adoption) as most essential to the success of any enterprise IPv6 deployment:

-IPv6 Training
-IPv6 Readiness Assessment
-IPv6 Address Planning
-IPv6 Security
-IPv6 Network Architecture (including Cloud and IoT integration)

In addition, our core team holds expert-level Cloud certifications enabling us to offer any of the above services in both cloud and on-premise network environments.

Contact HexaBuild today to schedule a free introductory call and discussion for how we can help you successfully deploy and securely manage IPv6 in your enterprise and keep you connected to today’s IPv6 Internet.


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