White Paper:
IPv6 Strategy for State Governments and U.S. Federal Agencies

The recent Federal OMB Memo M-21-07 mandates "at least 80% of IP-enabled assets on Federal networks...operating in IPv6-only environments by the end of FY 2025." How will federal agencies meet the mission requirements laid out in the latest memo? Are state governments ready to interface with soon-to-be federal IPv6-only networks? This paper covers what both state and federal agencies must know to prepare a successful IPv6 adoption initiative.

2020 IPv6 Adoption Report: The IPv6 Internet is the Corporate Network 

Our annual report covers IPv6 global trends - most notably enterprise's growing reliance on the IPv6 Internet as the de facto corporate network, given the required remote work response to the Covid-19 pandemic. It examines in detail IPv6 adoption rates at service providers, content providers, and enterprise networks.

This report is recommended reading for all technology executives, IT architects and key business decision makers. It will quickly provide a better understanding of the current status of IPv6 along with the critical importance of adopting and managing it to securely connect to the IPv6 Internet - today's new corporate network.

White Paper:
Business Impacts of IPv6 on Mergers and Acquisitions Strategy

This paper covers the business and technical use case of leveraging IPv6 to help address many challenges companies face in doing mergers and acquisitions. IPv6 provides a technical solution not possible when utilizing the legacy IPv4 protocol. IPv6 should be a strategic technology adopted to help address mergers and acquisitions by any company leveraging this business technique for growth and expansion.

2019 IPv6 Adoption Report: The Rise of India

This report covers IPv6 global trends - especially the explosive growth in IPv6 in India in 2019.


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