Our Mission

To accelerate worldwide IPv6 adoption while advancing Cloud, IoT, and Security with IPv6.

Our Team

With over 60 years of combined IT engineering and architecture experience (and over 40 years of IPv6 experience), our team will help ensure the success of your critical IT and IPv6 projects.

Ed Horley


Scott Hogg


Tom Coffeen


Steve Rogers

President and COO

Cody Christman

Principal Consultant

Tim Martin

Principal Consultant

Dylan Gallagher

Project Manager

Richard Hicks

Principal Consultant

Our Values


The Earth's biosphere sustains us and is the one and only home for us and all future generations of humanity. We recognize and acknowledge our profound obligation in the stewardship of that home both as individuals and as a company.

When it came time to discuss how we would give back we knew we wanted to contribute to the protection of this profound legacy. But we also realized that contributing to individual environmental causes (such as the protection of the bees that inspired our logo) would be ineffective in the context of the larger climate change predicament.

Climate breakdown has arrived and we as a species have a very short window of action to prevent its ever-worsening outcomes. It is imperative that we do everything in our power – both as individuals and more importantly as businesses and governments – to significantly reduce our carbon dioxide emissions as rapidly as possible.

Our overall objective is to become a business with net-zero carbon emissions within 10 years. This goal is coordinated with the UN IPCC report policy recommendation that global net emissions of carbon dioxide would need to fall by 45% by 2030 to keep global average warming below a total increase of 1.5C (with global net zero emissions of CO2 by 2050).

As a result, HexaBuild has adopted an initiative to reduce company and business-related carbon emissions to zero over time. Elements of this initiative include:

-Reduction and/or elimination of unnecessary travel and onsite meetings
-Use of least CO2-intensive method of travel
-Transition to use of EVs for work vehicles
-Identifying and utilizing optimal telepresence technology
-Use of renewable energy for office space and cloud deployments

HexaBuild has decided not to rely on carbon offsets for travel due to the inability of offsets to scale to meet the CO2 reduction goals required.

HexaBuild will offer significant discounts to those companies that work directly to provide renewable energy solutions that significantly help accomplish decarbonization goals.

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